Inspector Cyril "Blakey" Blake is one of the main characters of the series and is the inspector for The Luxton & District Traction Company. He is from Wapping.

He is the bane of Stan's life, often checking up on Stan and Jack and often threatening them with the sack for lateness. He has a toothbrush moustache and a long black mac style. After Stan left to go live up North, Blake moved in to the Butler household as a boarder. He was in love with a girl called Else in 1941 and has a tattoo.

After retiring from the bus company, Blakey moved to Spain where he lived with his sister, Dorothy.


  • Cyril (Blakey and Jack on one occasion and Mrs Butler on one occasion)
  • Blakey (most people)
  • Hitler (Stan and Jack, and Arthur on one occasion)
  • Dracula (Stan and Jack)
  • Frankenstein (Jack on one occasion)
  • Mr Blake (Stan, Olive and Mr Simpson and Jack)
  • Blake (the manager)
  • Inspector Blake (Mr Jenkins)
  • Farther Christmas (Stan on one occasion)
  • Convict 99 (Jack on one occasion)
  • Adam the Gardener (Jack on one occasion)
  • Inspector or the Inspector (Mabel Butler/ Mrs Butler and Mr Simpson)
  • Sir (Stan and Jack on one occasion )
  • Mate (Jack ,Stan and policemen)
  • A certain someone (Mr Simpson)
  • Love (Clippies on one occasion)
  • Fish faced twit (Stan on one occasion)
  • Blue Beard (Jack on one occasion)
  • A Great Hairy Ape( the Manager on one occasion)
  • Casanova (Jack on one occasion)
  • Peg Leg Pete (Jack on one occasion)
  • Gestapo (Jack on several occasions)
  • Kaiser (Stan and Jack on one occasion)
  • Brown Owl (Stan on one occasion)

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