Nobby works in the workshop of The Luxton & District Traction Company.


Nobby works in the workshop of the Luxton & District Traction Company. His main jobs are mending or carrying out maintenance on the buses,painting the buses and all shorts of things. He is mainly known for giving some paint to Stan Butler for Arthur and Olive's bedroom in bus-mans perks. Sadly though, he was unable to balance the books which ended with Stan having to pay Nobby £5 to replace the paint in the workshop. In 'Stan's Uniform' he tried to help remove some paint from Stan's uniform, which resulted in the paint stripper eating through the material. In the first of the 3 movies he also sorts out Little Arthur's pram, Cot and high chair and provides a new set of springs for Arthur's Motorbike


  • In "Busmen's Perks" its revealed that managers jag, that Nobby is spray painting, is the only one fitted with a diesel engine
  • According to Jack, the easiest way to get paint off Nobby is buying him a few pints of bitter