Standard U.K. English

  • Use standard U.K. English, to include U.K. spelling, because On the Buses is produced in the United Kingdom. On the Buses Wiki is not a blog.

Page names

  • Title Case should be used in all page names; i.e. a capitalization of the first letter of each word. This is to ensure a uniform nature to all articles.
  • All Character, actor pages will be stored normally and NOT in biographical format; i.e "Jack Harper" not "Harper, Jack"
  • Episode names - The name used for episode articles should be the name given by the product staff. The should not be a "(episode) suffix unless conflicting with another page. If conflict, episode page should have priority and other page eg character page should get the "(character) suffix.


  • Linking to pages on this wiki is done normally eg [[Jack Harper]] unless you are are linking from an episode page. When linking from an character page use [[Jack Harper|Jack]] (which turns out on the page as Jack). This way the flow of the page is not interrupted.


  • Images should be given descriptive filnames eg "Jack Harper.jpg" rather than a bunch of numbers.
  • Pictures used on character pages should ideally be a screen cap or picture of the actor from the episode they appeared in, and not just be a picture of the actor or actress.
  • Do not overuse images where they may be unnecessary. Stub articles, for instance, only require one image. For longer articles, it may be necessary to use multiple images to portray the information explained in the text. However, again, do not be overzealous, and consider the purpose of each image.

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