The Darts Match
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 11th April 1969
Length 30 minutes
Previous The Canteen
Next Family Flu

The Darts Match is the sixth and final episode of the first series, the next episode will be the start of the second series.

Summary Edit

It's a battle of the sexes at the bus depot as Stan and Jack are challenged to a game of darts against two cliipies called Jenny and Iris, an old flame of Stan's.

In preparation for the big match, Stan comes across a number of setbacks as he ruins his favourite set of darts and has to familiarise himself with a new pack - Iris, meanwhile, is keen to put him off by making herself more familiar! Someone is going to end up a loser and it will be a costly experience.

Full plot Edit

'To be added'

Cast Edit

  • Gwendolyn Watts as Iris
  • Varerie Newbold as Jenny